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Action Cam Antenna Mount

THANK YOU for purchasing the Action Cam Antenna Mount from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials, and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

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Parts Included:

  • 1x Action Cam Antenna Mount
  • 1x 5M x 20mm Adapter
  • 1x 5M x 35mm Adapter
  • 1x 6M x 12mm Adapter
  • *No actual camera is included with this kit.

Tools Required:

  • 2.5mm Allen Key



Installation of the Action Cam Antenna Mount

    1. Remove your vehicle’s antenna and store it in a safe location. Confirm that no adapter or threaded stud remains in the antenna base as you will require an empty, threaded antenna base to install the Cam Mount.

    2. Determine which threaded adapter you will require and thread it into the base of the Cam Mount. If you have an Allen key on hand that fits the chosen adapter, go ahead and tighten it into the Cam Mount base.

    3. The Action Cam Antenna Mount has two different camera mount options to utilize. Straight from the box it is configured to work with the industry standard action cam style mount. If you require a ¼-20 tripod threaded stud, you can remove the action cam style mount to reveal the threaded stud.

    4. Once you have attached your action cam, you’ll need to configure the antenna mount to hold the camera steady. There is a set screw on the ball-pivot collar, opposite the adjustment knob that needs to be set. It may be accessed with a 2.5mm Allen key. You’ll want this set screw adjusted to the point where you just start to feel resistance, but the ball-pivot collar may still be turned on the Cam Mount base.

    IMG_0054 (3).jpg

    5. Thread the Action Cam Antenna Mount onto your vehicle’s factory antenna base. Position the camera in the desired direction and tighten the knob on the side of the ball-pivot collar.

    IMG_0041 (2).jpg

    6. Installation complete! Enjoy the unique perspective this camera mount offers.