Black 6-Speed Shift Knob for the Audi A4 B8 by CravenSpeed.



Black 6-Speed Shift Knob for Audi A4 B8 2008-2016



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We've Been Around the Block

CravenSpeed is no stranger to aftermarket shift knobs. We have spent the last decade honing down a list of features that we believe are paramount in the ideal shift knob design. Through customer feedback, our own driving experiences, and several iterations, we have developed what we consider to be the perfect shift knob. Now we have adapted that design to fit the B8 Audi A4.

Function and Style

When it comes to designing a shift knob that people are going to enjoy, it's all about feel. The knob needs to be comfortable in the hand, and made from a material that will prevent any unpleasant surprises on particularly hot or cold days. At the same time, the knob needs to have some heft to it. A weighted knob will help to smooth out each shift by dampening any of the harsh feedback you may feel through the shifter. With a weighted knob shifting through the gears will require less effort, which is really noticeable on longer drives. The CravenSpeed Shift Knob accomplishes these goals by utilizing a three piece design which allow it to take advantage of the physical properties of several different materials.

Attention to Detail

First, the core is machined from 303 Stainless steel. This gives us the desired weight and strength. It also has the added benefit of looking awesome. Naturally, stainless steel has the potential to either be extremely hot or cold to the touch. To shield your skin from this thermal shock, we machine the outer sleeve out of a black acetal plastic. It's very smooth, and has a much lower thermal conductivity than steel. The smooth surface and spherical shape of the ball are very pleasing in the hand.

The Cherry on Top

Because we're focused on designing functional parts that also look good, the final piece of the puzzle is all about aesthetics. The top cap is machined from aluminum and powdercoated with a black textured finish. We also offer the knob with a red cap, which can be found here. It doesn't end there, we also offer the knob caps separately in several different color and engraving combinations here. If that wasn't enough, we can even offer custom engraving at no extra cost! To inquire about custom engraving, send an email to

The end result is a shift knob that feels great, shifts great, and is totally customizable. All parts are machined right here in the Pacific Northwest. Installation of the knob is very straightforward and should take the typical enthusiast 15-30 minutes. Included with this product is a lifetime warranty, and lifetime support from the best customer service team in the world. This knob will fit all Audi A4 B8's of the following model years:2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008





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