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Black Shift Knob for ND Mazda Miata (2016-2019)



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Weighted Knob that Won't Burn You

This Mazda shift knob is a three piece design. Most of the knob is stainless steel and it is Heavy (11oz). Most weighted knobs are all steel, the trouble with that they get hot and cold. If you have accidentally touched the steel belt buckle on a hot day you know what I mean. The knob is mostly black, so it still gets warm, but nothing like that belt buckle...

Why Weight?

You probably already enjoy your manual transmission. Why would you drive a car like this any other way? Switch out the knob and I promise you will begin to love shifting even more. The weight of this knob will not go unnoticed. Momentum will power you through every shift. Its hard to describe, so try it for yourself! Our shipping and returns are both free, installing it is easy, so order one up and return it if you are not happy with it.

Built Right

The outer portion of the main ball is machined from Polyoxymethylene, it is smooth and really great to the touch. The center hub (which includes a machined ring to hold the shift boot) is stainless steel, it is heavy and strong. The top cap is powdercoated after being machined from aluminum.


This knob is designed for the ND Mazda Miata (2016-2019). It is threaded to fit an M10x1.25 shifter. It will likely fit many other vehicles, so if you don't drive another Mazda send us an email and we'd be happy to work with you, to determine fitment for your vehicle.

Cap It Off

Not a fan of the 6-speed pattern? Want something to set yours apart from the crowd? We have additional colors and designs available here to choose from! We can even engrave a non-copyrighted/non-trademarked, custom image if you have a design you would like to use. Just send an email to our Customer Support and we'll give you the low-down!

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