CravenSpeed Click and Drive Accessory Pack for MINI

THANK YOU for purchasing the CravenSpeed Click and Drive Accessory Pack for MINI. This product is made from the highest grade materials, and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

Parts Included:

  • 1x CS Magnet Mount
  • 2x Adhesive-backed Metal Plates; (1) Rectangle, (1) Round



Let's get started

    1. Your "Click & Drive" equipped MINI should have come with a 17mm plastic ball mount that snaps into the end of the retractable arm on the Click & Drive unit affixed to the top of the instrument cluster. Check your glove box or center console. If you cannot locate it, contact your local MINI dealership to obtain one.

    1. Remove the CS Magnet Mount from the packaging and spin the tightening ring off the back of it..

    1. Take the 17mm platic mounting ball and insert it into the back of the CS Magnet Mount. There will be a little resistance, but it should snap in with minimal effort. Spin the tightening ring back into place and snug it up. Ensure that you do not cross-thread it.

    1. Take this assembly and snap it into place onto the Click & Drive arm. You should hear an audible 'click' when the lock engages.

    1. Next, determine which adhesive-backed metal plate you'd prefer to use and affix it either to the back of your phone or the back of your case. If your phone case is not too thick, you may even be able to place the plate between the two, but the power of the magnets will be reduced if the case is too thick.

    1. With your installation complete, simply set your phone onto the CS Magnet Mount and enjoy the hands-free, heads-up use of your phone.