Fog Light Kit for Honda Insight

Fog Light Kit for Honda Insight



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Installing auxilliary lights can be a pain. Between figuring out the wiring, what lights to use, and how to mount them, it can get complicated quickly. That is why we have done all of the hard work for you. Our kit comes with absolutely everything you will need to install two 6" fog lights on the front of your car. The custom steel bracket attaches using the lower screws of your front license plate mount. The included wiring harness has all of the connections you will need to hook up the lights. We even include a few zip ties so you can button everything up. Plug in the harness, run the included switch into the car, install the bracket and lights, and you are all set! It really doesn't get easier than this.


This kit fits the second generation Honda Insight (2010-2014). We are certain that it will fit many other vehicles, and will offer free shipping to any customers interested in trying the mount on their vehicle. Just send us an email to




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