Gemini Phone Mount for Ram 1500

Gemini Phone Mount for Ram 1500




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Our philosophy for phone mounts here at CravenSpeed is simple. We don't believe in universal designs, instead we design vehicle specific mounts that fit perfectly. The mount must be strong, and able to accommodate a wide variety of phones. Finally, it must be easy to install, while locating the device in an easy to access position for the driver. Our RAM Gemini Mount checks all of those boxes.

The Gemini attaches directly to the dash of the 4 generation (2009-2018) RAM 1500 trucks using existing mounting points. This makes installation as simple as removing a couple screws and putting two more back in. By attaching the mount directly to your vehicle, you don't have to worry about sticky pads, vent clips, or suction cups. Simply put, the Gemini will never fall off.

The magnetic base, with its one handed operation, is very convenient. Attaching one of the included adhesive metal plates to the back of your phone or case will allow the magnetic base to get a firm grip on your device. .

The mount is made in the USA from laser cut steel and powder coated with a black textured finish. Install takes less than 10 minutes and requires zero modification to the vehicle. Check out the instructions below for more info.




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