Gemini Phone Mount for Toyota Install Guide

THANK YOU for purchasing the Toyota Gemini Phone Mount from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials, and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

Parts Included:

  • 1 ea Gemini Phone Mount Assembly
  • 1 ea Toggle Screw Assembly
  • 1 ea Screw for Plastic Threads (Alternate Method)
  • 1 set Adhesive Metal Plates

Tools Required:

  • 3/16 Hex Wrench Driver
  • 5/32 Hex Wrench Driver
  • Phillips Screwdriver (Alternate Method)
  • Trim Panel Removal Tool (You may sub a flat-bladed screwdriver if care is taken)



    1. Look over your dash and locate a suitable Spare Switch Cover. Utilizing your Trim Panel Removal tool, pry around the edges and pop the Spare Switch Cover off of the dash.

    1. Behind the Spare Switch Cover there should be a hole that opens up to the expanse behind the dashboard. If there is a shallow pocket with a centrally located Phillips screw, proceed to step 5 (Alternate Method).

    1. Install the stainless hex cap screw through the center hole on the Gemini Mount base and thread the toggle onto the backside. Note the orientation of the toggle in the image below.

    1. Insert the toggle through the Spare Switch Cover hole and make sure the ‘wings’ have fully opened behind the dash. Apply light pressure to the toggle by pulling out on the Gemini Mount base while simultaneously tightening the hex cap screw with your 3/16 hex wrench driver. This light pressure will prevent the toggle from turning while you tighten the assembly onto your dash. NOTE: Installation may be less cumbersome if you remove the Gemini from the base beforehand.

    1. (Alternate Method) When you remove the Spare Switch Cover, if you are faced with a shallow pocket with a screw in the center, remove it and use the included Phillips screw through the center of the Gemini Mount base instead of the toggle assembly.

    1. Once the Gemini Mount base is tight, you may now adjust the Gemini to the desired location for your phone. If your phone is not already equipped with an internal magnet mounting system, affix one of the included adhesive metal plates to the back of your phone or phone case.

    Congratulations… your install is complete! Stand back and admire your handiwork!