Golf and Jetta IV 18T Pulley Kit

THANK YOU for purchasing the Golf and Jetta IV 18T Pulley Kit from CravenSpeed. All components are machined from highest quality billet aluminum, and are guaranteed to be free from defects.

Parts Included:

  • 1ea machined aluminum Alternator Pulley
  • 1ea machined aluminum Power Steering Pulley
  • 1ea machined aluminum Crank Pulley

Tools Required:

  • Large Phillips Screwdriver
  • 5mm Allen Wrench
  • 8mm Allen Wrench
  • 4mm Tensioner pin (or any equivalent diameter steel pin)
  • 15mm open end wrench
  • Socket Wrench
  • 19mm 12 point socket
  • Impact wrench
  • 24mm socket
  • Hydraulic jack and jack stands
  • Wheel Chocks
  • Torx bit 25



    1. Loosen the hose clamp on the throttle body using the screwdriver and remove hose.
    2. Using the 5mm allen, remove the 4 throttle body bolts and move the throttle body away from the alternator.
    3. Jack the car up and place on jack stands. Insure the car is on a level surface, the parking brake is engaged, and the chocks are behind the rear wheels to prevent rolling. Always be safe when working underneath your vehicle.
    4. Remove the right front wheel. For safety, place it directly behind the jack stand as a failsafe.
    5. Using the Torx bit, remove the plastic cover that guards the intercooler pipe and then remove the intercooler pipe.
    6. With the 8mm allen, loosen the 3 power steering socket head bolts, and with the 19mm 12 point socket, loosen the crank bolt.
    7. With the 15mm open end wrench, disengage the tensioner and use the 4mm pin to lock it into place.
    8. Slip the belt off the pulleys and set aside.
    9. With the impact and 24mm socket, loosen the nut holding on the stock alternator pulley, and replace with your new machined pulley. The impact wrench will tighten the nut back down correctly after a few bursts.
    10. Remove the 3 loosened bolts on the power steering pulley, and replace with your new pulley. Hand tighten the 3 bolts back on.
    11. After taking the bolt off the crank pulley, slide the stock pulley off and replace with your new crank pulley. Replace the bolt, and tighten down firmly. If the engine begins to turn under force, you may need a friend to press the brakes so you can tighten it all the way.
    12. Put your drive belt back on and re-engage the tensioner. You should be able to tighten down the 3 power steering bolts without the pulley spinning.
    13. Reinstall your intercooler pipe and the plastic protective cover, and put your wheel back on.
    14. With care, bring your car back down.
    15. Reinstall your throttle body and secure the hose with the hose clamp.
    16. And you’re done!