Jam Handle for Mazda - Keeps your doors clean

Jam Handle for Mazda - Keeps your doors clean




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Be Gone Fingerprints!

The look. We all do it. You've just spent the afternoon handwashing the joy of your life. You park up at the store and you just can't resist. As you're walking away you turn to gaze at your pristine Miata and what do you see? A perfectly spotless paint job ruined by two unsightly fingerprints right on the door!

Never again.

With the Jam Handle, you can keep this calamity a thing of the past. Using an automotive grade 3M adhesive backing, it simply sticks to the flat spot on your door jamb, just above the door latch. This allows you to close the door without the need to touch the outside surface, avoiding any fingerprints on your freshly cleaned ride. The Jam Handle is made in USA and comes in a 2-Hole configuration that fits prefectly on the ND Miata (and probably any other Miata). Putting adhesive tape on your paint sounds scary right? Don't worry, the adhesive is designed specifically for automotive use, and can be easily removed leaving zero evidence that it was ever there.




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