Jam Handle - Keeps your doors clean


Jam Handle - Keeps your doors clean



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Say goodbye to fingerprints on your paint.

You just spent the afternoon giving your ride a much needed bath. You've polished and waxed every nook and crany. You've acheived a perfect shine on every surface. Then you and a friend cruise to the store for a refreshing beverage, and when you return to the car what do you see? Fingerprints all over your doors! Noooooooo!

Never again.

With the Jam Handle this story can remain a fictional tale. Using an automotive grade adhesive backing, it simply sticks to a flat spot on your door jam. This gives you a strong and comfortable method of closing the door, without the possibility of getting any fingerprints on your freshly cleaned ride. The Jam Handle will fit nearly any vehicle. All you need is a flat spot on the door jam that is big enough for the handle, and has about 3/8" clearance when the door is closed. It is made in USA and comes in in a set of TWO, one each for the driver and passenger doors. Should the need arise, the Jam Handle can be completely uninstalled, leaving no trace that it was ever there.




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