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Bringing stop lights into view since 2000

LightinSight is an optical quality wide-angle lens that mounts at the top of your windshield. It allows you to get your eyes on stop lights that would otherwise be obscured by the top of the windshield or the roof if it is down. This issue is common with the small windshield of the FJ Cruiser, tall drivers, or anyone that might keep their seat raised in a high position. It is very easy to install, remove, and reuse! The LightinSight can be installed on any vehicle, and transferred to another vehicle at any time. It is about 7' wide by 1.5" tall.

How it works

Lightinsight is made from a fresnel lens. This lens is able to refract waves of light around the obstruction of your roof and directly into your eyes. This allows you to be able to see the light, even though is is obscured from your view.

Everything about it is easy

Light-In-Sight is incredibly easy to install. You'll want to make sure to clean the inside of your windshield thoroughly before you begin. Once clean, wet the area where the Lighinsight will be installed with water. Place the Lighinsight in the desired position with the smooth side against the glass. Then, squeeze out any bubbles, give the mositure a few hours to dry, and you are all set! If you need to move it, or install it in a different car, simply peel it off and repeat the process!




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