Mazda NC MX-5 Stainless Steel E-Brake Handle

THANK YOU for purchasing the Mazda NC MX-5 Stainless Steel E-Brake Handle from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials, and is guaranteed to be free from defects.


Parts Included:

  • 1x Stainless Steel E-Brake Handle
  • 3 ea O-Rings
  • 3 ea Set Screws
  • 1x 1/16" Hex Key

Tools Required:

  • Trim Removal Tool (table knife will work with care)



  • To access and remove the factory e-brake handle, we will need to remove the center console. Let's begin by unscrewing the shift knob and setting it aside.
  • IMG_6927.JPG
  • Next, we'll remove the screws that hold the console onto the center tunnel. Pull the rubber mat out of the drink holder to find one of the phillips screws.
  • IMG_6927.JPG
  • Utilize a trim removal tool (table knife will work in a pinch) and pry the rear panel off of the center console. There will be two more phillips screws to remove here. Just the two outboard black screws.. you can leave the silver one in place.
  • IMG_6927.JPG IMG_6927.JPG
  • We are now presented with a bit of a tricky task of unplugging the center console window controls. You'll only be able to lift the console up approx 5" until you are able to unplug the wiring and each plug has a locking tab that needs to be depressed before they'll release.
  • IMG_6927.JPG IMG_6927.JPG IMG_6927.JPG
  • With the wiring unplugged, it's now just a simple task of pulling up the e-brake handle and lifting the center console up and off the tunnel. Pivoting the console counter-clockwise will help feed it off the e-brake handle.
  • IMG_6927.JPG IMG_6927.JPG
  • You should now have access to the factory e-brake handle. To remove it, grasp it firmly and pull off towards the button. It may help to torsionally twist it slightly back and forth during removal. If it’s being extra stubborn, spray a little WD40 between the plastic grip and metal structure inside (using the red tube on the can).
  • IMG_6927.JPG IMG_6927.JPG
  • At this point with the factory handle removed, you can now replace the center console, reconnect the window switch wiring and screw it back into place. Go ahead and thread your shift knob back into place as well.
  • IMG_6927.JPG
  • Take the CravenSpeed stainless steel e-brake handle and install the 3 included set screws into the threaded portions of the grooves. Make sure they're not too deep so they don't interfere with the handle installation. With the set screws installed, slide the handle onto e-brake lever until it stops at the boot.
  • IMG_6927.JPG IMG_6927.JPG
  • Position the setscrews in a face-up orientation and use the included 1/16" hex wrench to tighten them. Just snug them up.. no need to overdo it.
  • IMG_6930.JPG

  • Finish the install by rolling the included o-ring ‘grips’ onto the handle and into their respective grooves.
  • IMG_6934.JPG



  • You’re finished! Marvel at your handiwork then go for a drive and enjoy your new shiny piece of kit!
  • IMG_6935.JPG