MINI F56 Shift Well Kit

THANK YOU for purchasing the MINI F56 Shift Well Kit from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials, and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

Parts Included:

  • 1x Shift Well Cover
  • 1x ABS Slide Plate
  • 1x Rubber Grommet
  • 1x Large Spring

Tools Required:

  • Trim Panel Removal Tool (Flat-bladed Screwdriver may be used with care)
  • Snap Ring Pliers (Optional)

PLEASE NOTE: This Shift Well Cover Kit removes the ‘Driving Modes’ switch that is built into the shift surround ring in the Pre-LCI refresh MINI models (approx ‘14 thru ‘17). If you would like to retain the ability to select ‘Sport Mode,' please see these instructions for the BimmerCode app that will allow you to put your MINI into a ‘Sport Mode on Startup’ configuration. 



    Remove the Shift Knob & Boot Surround


    1. First off… let’s remove the shift knob. If you have the CravenSpeed shift knob you probably already know how it installs. Reverse the process and completely remove it. If you still have the factory knob, please see the MINI Shift Knob Installation Guide and follow the steps to remove the factory shift knob.

    1. Use a trim panel removal tool to pry up around the bottom of the shift boot surround. If your MINI is a ‘14-’17 (Pre-LCI) there will be a wiring harness plugged into the bottom of it. Carefully disconnect this plug and ziptie it to a secure location so it cannot get caught in the shift linkage/pivot.

    1. We drilled a small hole in the plastic flange and ziptied the plug there.

    1. Remove the Knob Adapter Collar and threaded on Adapter (if you have the CS shift lever). Remove the Stainless Shift Knob Core now if you have the CS Shift Knob.

    1. Remove the Height Adjustment Collar (CS Short Shifter only).

    Installing the CS Shift Well Cover


    1. Place the large spring over the shift lever to rest upon the ball pivot.

    1. Take the ABS Slide Plate (install the rubber grommet if necessary) and place it onto the shift lever, past the threads of the red anodized pivot assembly and down onto the large spring.

    1. Reinstall the Height Adjustment Collar (CS Short Shifter only).

    1. Reinstall the Thread-on Adapter (if you have the CS shift lever).

    1. Take the Shift Well Cover and turn it over in your hand. Take note of the 2 spring pins that are installed at the perimeter of the cover. These two pins index with the notch at the cup holder side of the center console (front).

    1. Place the Shift Well Cover over the shift lever and down onto the center console. Make sure the spring pins are located in the forwardmost notch and use your fist to bump around the edges of the Shift Well Cover, seating it down into the center console until it is fully installed all the way around the cover.

    1. Place the Stainless Steel Shift Knob Core back onto the shift lever and reinstall the Knob Adapter Collar.

    1. Reinstall the remainder of the Shift Knob components and tighten the screws. You are finished!