MINI Gemini Smartphone Mount - Gen 1

THANK YOU for purchasing the MINI Gemini Smartphone Mount - Gen 1 from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials, and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

Parts Included:

  • 1x Gemini Phone Mount for Gen 1 Mini
  • 1x Magnetic Base
  • 2x plastic spacers
  • 2x Phillips head screws
  • 2x Washers

Tools Required:

This kit is designed to allow the driver to position a smartphone for heads-up view without needing to handle the device. The Gemini mount allows you to customize your view by adjusting the extension arm to the angle that suits you.

The installation time for this product is approximately 15-30 min. It is highly recommended that you only use magnetic tip drivers, as the screws securing the tachometer to the steering column are easy to drop behind the dash, and can be tricky to recover.

It is important to note that this CravenSpeed Pro Series Mount is compatible only with R50, R52, and R53 MINI Cooper vehicles.



Step 1 - Removing the Tachometer

    Start by lowering the steering column to the lowest position. Find the 2 screws that fasten the tachometer cluster to the steering column and remove them using the T-20 Torx driver.  Be careful not to drop them as this can double your install time!  Keep these Torx screws safe; you will need to put them back on.

    The tachometer is fastened to rails on the steering column, so take note as you remove it.  It will be important to realign this rail for proper re-installation.

Step 2 - Install the bracket onto the Tachometer

    Use a phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws in the back of the tachometer. You will not need these to complete the installation, but it is a good idea to hang onto them in case you ever remove the Gemini Mount.

    Drop the two plastic spacers into the holes where the screws went.

    Align the bracket over the two holes.

    Use the included screws with the small washers to secure the bracket to the back of the tach. These screws are slightly longer and wider than the factory screws. This is to ensure a secure attachment of the mount to the tach. They require a bit more torque to install than the stock screws. Once the screw bottoms out, do not keep twisting the screw as you will strip the hole.

    The bracket can be installed in any orientation on the tach. The mount is assembled to be used on the right side of the tach, but can be re-configured to be used on the left side. Simply remove the nut and bolt that secures the extension arm and reinstall it on the other side of the bracket.

Step 3 - Install the bracket onto the Tachometer

    Align the tach back onto the rails it was sitting on when you removed it. Then reinstall the torx screws that you removed in step one.