MINI Gen 2 Koala Intake Manifold Spacer

THANK YOU for purchasing the The Koala Intake Manifold Spacer from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials, and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

Parts Included:

  • The Koala Intake Manifold Spacer
  • Qty 5 x 8mm Bolts and Washers
  • (optional) MAF Compensation Spacer
  • 2 Long Lag bolts

Tools Required:

  • Torx Driver (T25)
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • 13mm Socket with extension
  • E7 ‘reverse torx’ socket may be necessary



    Begin by making sure that your R56 MINI is cool and on a level surface.  It is recommended to disconnect the positive terminal of the battery at this time.  Also, if you have any strut braces or other accessories installed, you’ll want to remove them now.

    The following directions are for cars with the OEM air box.  If you have another aftermarket intake, the directions will be the same except for where the parts differ.

    Release the connector on the MAF sensor using a flathead screwdriver and disconnect it.

    Loosen the hose clamp holding the air intake tube to the MAF housing.

    Use your T25 Torx driver to remove the screws holding the air intake filter housing together.

    Remove the top of the air intake filter housing.  Note that there are 3 tabs on the cowl side of the air box, so you’ll need to lift and pull.

    Remove the OEM Air filter.

    Remove the remaining screw on the bottom portion of the air intake filter housing.

    The bottom portion of the air intake filter housing just pops out now.

    Disconnect the crankcase ventilation tube.

    You are ready to unbolt the intake manifold from the engine block.

    Loosening Sequence.jpg

    For removal, follow this sequence, loosening each bolt little by little.

    Use your 13mm socket wrench to remove the stud nuts holding the intake manifold to the engine block.  The studs should come out along with the nuts.  If the studs do not come out along with the nuts, use a E7 ‘reverse’ torx socket to remove the studs.

    Loosen hose clamp on the hose going to the throttle body just a little bit, but don’t remove the hose. This will make it easier to move the intake manifold.



    You’ll need to attach / remove the metal bracket attaching the bottom of the intake manifold. It’s difficult to see, and nearly impossible to photograph when the manifold is in the car. Our engineers have just been removing them by feel, so we snapped some photos of it on our completely uninstalled manifold so you know what you’re feeling/looking for.

    Lift up the intake manifold enough to place The Koala in between the engine block and the intake manifold.

    The Koala!  Make sure you have the orientation correct.

    Place the included longer 8mm bolts with washers into the holes where the stock studs were.

    These bad boys.

    Torque Sequence.jpg

    Torque the bolts to 14.7 ft-lbs.  First, tighten all bolts hand tight.  Then tighten each bolt down little by little in the sequence above.

    Now button it all back up again. Don’t forget to replace the crankcase ventilation tube.

    Replace the air intake filter housing and filter.

    When using the stock intake filter housing, a spacer is necessary.  Remove the MAF sensor housing from the OEM box.

    Bolt the MAF sensor housing to the spacer to the

    Replace the top half of the air intake filter housing.

    Tighten the bolts.

    Replace the air intake tube and tighten the hose clamp.