MINI R53 Supercharger Reduction Pulley

THANK YOU for purchasing the MINI R53 Supercharger Reduction Pulley from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials, and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

Parts Included:

  • 1 ea Pulley Body
  • 1 ea Pulley Hub
  • 4 ea 10-32 Screws
  • Anti-Seize

Tools Required:

  • Floor Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Small block of wood
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Tensioner tool
  • CravenSpeed or other pulley removal tool
  • Old belt
  • Torque wrench

Please Follow All Directions Carefully. Jack stands MUST be used with any jack. It is highly recommended to have an experienced mechanic on hand at all times. If you doubt your abilities, have an experienced mechanic install this unit.



    1. Disconnect the negative wire from the battery. If you forget to leave the hatch open, there is a release cable under the rear seat cushion.

    2. Jack up the car to rest on jack stands.

    3. Remove the passenger side front wheel, and plastic fender liner.

    4. Remove the skid plate in order to get to and remove the lower motor mount bolt.

    5. Using a small block of wood as a buffer, carefully apply a slight amount of pressure to the engine to take tension off the upper motor mounts with a jack.

    6. Remove the driver side motor mount bolt from the frame.

    7. Remove the bolt holding the radiator hose and wiring to the intake manifold.

    8. Remove the bolt from the passenger side motor mount.

    9. Remove the quick disconnect fittings and use a screwdriver to push the tab on the bracket in slightly and slide it off toward you.

    10. If applicable, remove the vibration damper bracket, first removing the 3 hoses that are clipped to it.

    11. Remove the passenger side motor mount nut, leaving the bolt loose but in place.

    12. Slowly jack up the motor, pay special attention to the coil pack plug, throttle body, and power steering fan. Make sure nothing is caught as you slowly jack the engine up.

    13. Remove the tension on the belt with a tensioner tool and pull the belt off of the idler gear.

    14. Remove the belt tensioner and install the CravenSpeed or other pulley removal tool.

    15. Hold the puller in place with a wrench and turn the pressure bolt steadily using a ratchet until you are able to remove the factory pulley.

    16. Reinstall the tensioner.

    17. Slide your new Pulley Hub all the way onto the supercharger shaft and place the pulley body on top of it. Push the two pieces of the pulley together until they are mated lightly. Bottom out your pulley body to the end of the shaft and then pull it back .020-.025 away from the end of the shaft. This important step insures that the body tightens on to the hub and not the other way around.

    18. Put a small dab of anti-zeize on each of the 4 included bolts.

    19. Use an old belt to hold the pulley in place while tightening the 4 bolts to about 80lbs-in (6.66 lbs-ft).

    20. Put the belt back on all the pulleys using the diagram above.

    21. Lower the car onto the passenger side motor mount.

    22. Reinstall the vibration damper bracket and the associated hoses by snapping them back into place.

    23. Reinstall the regulator and quick disconnect hoses.

    24. Reinstall the ground strap bolt, hose/wire loom clamp bolt, lower motor mount bolt.

    25. Reinstall the skid plate.

    26. Remove the jack stands and lower the car, and replace the negative battery wire.

    27. Turn the ignition key on for 10 seconds to reinitialize, and then start the car.