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Phone Modules

Phone Modules



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Swappable Phone Mounts

Many of our phone and gauge mounts are designed to allow a portion of it to be switched out without removing the bracket. There are modules that allow the easy attachment of some of the premiere GPS devices, SmartPhones, Satellite Radios and other devices on the market.

These are not standalone products. Before you choose your module you will need one of our FlexPod Mounting Brackets (Z, Y, R, A, Q, or U)

Small Scissor

If you've got a phone narrower than 75mm (iPhone 6, 7, Galaxy S5, Pixel, Nexus 5X etc...) then the aluminum Small Scissor holder is a great deal.

Large Scissor

Anything larger than that (iPhone 6/7+, Samsung Note, HTC Bolt, Nexus 6P, Pixel XL etc..), and you will want the Large Scissor.

Magnet Module

The magnet module is compatible with ANY phone and the ball and socket portion of it is perfect for most Garmin GPS cradles. The ideal setup for the magnet is to place one of the included adhesive metal plates directly onto the back of your phone or case. We do not recommending using this technique if your phone is QI equipped.

Magnet Module (Long)

If clearance with the dash is your problem, give the Gemini 5" a shot, it's got a 2" longer arm than the standard mounts.




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