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Speed Scrub



Speed Scrub



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Every full moon, when the active volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest are in full plume, our very own James barefoot free solo climbs up past the tree line to get the freshest ashes available. He sherpa's a few buckets on a pole and brings the good stuff back down to us in the valley. Then he uses a process which has been handed down for generations to combine the secret ingredients into this magical concoction that actually breaks the law of conservation of Mass-Energy to eliminate the grease from existence.


Speed Scrub works really well. It is natural and biodegradable. It is an abrasive powder made of pumice, volcanic ash, mild soap and skin conditioner. It contains no harsh chemicals therefore it has no real odor, and will not dry or crack your hands. Speed Scrub is great for cleaning your hands when you have paint, grease, diesel oil, etc. on them.




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