Throttle Body Spacer for Dodge Dart

THANK YOU for purchasing the Throttle Body Spacer for Dodge Dart from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials, and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

Parts Included:

  • 1 - Throttle Body Spacer
  • 1 - O Ring
  • 4 - Screws

Tools Required:

  • 7mm socket wrench (For hose clamps)
  • T30 torx driver (for factory lower throttle body bolts)
  • 10mm socket wrench (for factory upper throttle body bolts and Intercooler pipe bolt)
  • 7/16 socket wrench (for new throttle body bolts)



    1) Loosen the clamp holding your boost tube to the throttle body.


    2. remove the 10mm screw under the center of the boost tube. This will let you move it around a bit, and make the removal of your throttle body much easier.


    3. Pull the boost tube loose from the throttle body with your hand. It may take some wiggle.


    4. Find and remove the 4 screws holding your throttle body in place. It may take a second, as you can’t see them, and have to feel for them.


    5. Pop the hose out of the throttle body bracket with a flathead screwdriver.


    After removing the 4 screws and removing the bracket and throttle body, you should have this.


    and this (Your throttle body)


    6. Place the Cravenspeed Throttle Body Spacer in its place. Remember to place the side with the ⅛ npt hole in a position you can easily install your boost gauge tap, and put the provided screws through the top two screw holes. This allows you to put it back into place, lined perfectly into position with less trouble, then find the bottom two screw holes. Depending on your particular intake box, you may need to use the Torx head plastic screws, or the Socket Head machine screws.


    7. Put the throttle body and spacer in place, with the top two screws in place. It may take some feeling around. Then tighten the top two screws.

    WARNING- You are putting steel screws into plastic, do not over tighten. When it’s snug, you’re good.


    8. Put your boost hose back on the throttle body, tighten the clamp

    9. Replace the 10mm screw you removed from the center of the boost tube.

    10. Enjoy.