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Helix Short Shift Kit

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The Helix Short Shift Adapter

The Helix short shift kit simplifies the concept of a short shifter. While The Craven Adjustable Shifter replaces the entire shifter with an all stainless steel unit, this little add-on piece installs quicker and is another option for shortening your throw. This unit can be installed onto the bottom of your existing shifter with jack stands and typical mechanical tools in about 1 hour.


We have a Helix Shift adapter for every MINI model. Choose 02-03 MINI if you have the gray retaining clip pictured here, all other MINIs have a white retaining clip and use the other model of adapter. If you have an 03 or 04 model here's how to check the retaining clip: carefully pull the plastic ring (the bezel) at the bottom of the shifter boot straight up. It will pop off the console to expose four plastic tabs around the perimeter. Look below the bezel at the plastic housing that holds the shifter rod in place with a ball socket. On an '02 or '03, much of the plastic linkage will be white but right where the metal shaft and ball enter the linkage, the plastic will be grey. In the '04 models, the housing will be grey and the ball socket will be white.

01-03 1st Gen
04+ 1st & 2nd Gen
3rd Gen

Installation Instructions

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