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We are located in hipster Portland, Oregon about 15 min. from downtown. Our team is made up of people with diverse backgrounds, all sharing a passion for customer service, quality, and cars! With almost a decade of Aftermarket Auto manufacturing experience, we know quality, performance and value.

Email is the best way to get in touch, so please drop us a line or stop by the shop. We'd love to talk to you about what we do! We are open 8am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday, Pacific Time. Email us during business hours and we'll usually get back to you within the hour. Otherwise, we'll hit you up the following morning.

Kellen: Managing Member
Employee Since 2006

Kellen is the original employee, back in the day he was a one man show; answering calls and emails between putting parts together, shipping, managing the website, and posting on NAM. Back then CravenSpeed was his baby, but these days he spends more time at home with his three kids than in the office. Kellen is always on call though, so you might get an occasional email from him at midnight or on a Sunday. If you think working at CravenSpeed sounds awesome, send Kellen a resume, he could be hiring.

Logan: E-Commerce, Marketing, Web Development
Employee Since 2014

An Arizona native, Logan moved to Portland in 2014 and has been loving it ever since. He snowboards, has raced rally cars, and plays bass in the shop band. He used to handle our customer support, but he is now focused on keeping the website up to date with photos and new products. If you need help with something, or spot an error on the site, let him know!

Thom: Customer Support
Employee Since 2018

Having been a customer long before he was an employee, Thom was a perfect fit with our team. He handles the bulk of our customer service, and is the guy who will help you out should you come by the shop. He drives a sweet red E30 that many of us are jealous of, so he better be careful where he places his keys.

Jeremy (aka Remy): The Giant Mini Guy
Employee Since 2012

Jeremy moved to Portland from Massachusetts back in 2005. He misses driving his MINI, track days and playing drums in the CravenSpeed band. These days, Jeremy primarily does purchasing and bookkeeping but he has his hand in most things that go on at CravenSpeed. He is really tall and always wears a hat.

Tristan: Everything
Employee Since Forever

Known as Number 2 around the office, Tristan is an Oregon native that walks around CravenSpeed like he owns the place. Developing his CAD and manufacturing chops in the high tech wafer industry, he now oversees the design process at CravenSpeed. He also fixes our computers when they are broken and complains when sparkling water isn't readily available. He speaks fluent Japanese and "plays" guitar in the company band.

Steve: Product Development
Employee Since 2014

Steve is one of the creative minds behind the products here at Cravenspeed. Born and raised here in the Northwest, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 dogs, working on his Jeep, leathercrafting and playing ice hockey. He also plays guitar and ‘sings’ in the shop band. If you ever have a really great concept you would like to see made, send Steve an email! He loves fresh, new ideas!

Lauren: Shipping, Amazon Inventory
Employee Since 2012

Lauren originally started as a temporary hire until she weaseled her way into everyone's hearts and a permanent position. She helps ship, and is in charge of our Amazon account. When she's not on hold with Amazon Support, Lauren enjoys slowly running around her neighborhood, reading, and adding photos to her Steve Buscemi shrine.

Jordan: Warehouse, Hot Dog, Car Fixer
Employee Since ?

Nobody really knows how long Jordan the hot dog has been here. They say he sort of just appeared one day. Jordan is the guy to ask if you need to remember how something gets built. He has been helping us assemble our products for years, and is a pretty decent mechanic as well.

Jacob: Product Development
Employee Since 2016

Jacob is our newest addition to the design team. He designs new products and helps build/test our protoypes. He has been a machinist for several years. Jacob grew up in Malawi, and has quite the life experience up to now. He also plays bass in the shop band, and is a vital component of our Rocket League team.

James: Assembly
Employee Since 2017

James joined on in 2017 and has proven to be an up and coming challenger in our bubble hockey tournaments. He works in assembly and has shown that he is a very skilled and dedicated member of our team. He proudly holds the title of best beard in the shop.


At CravenSpeed we are always looking for great people who share our vision and standard for design, and customer satisfaction. We are a small but growing company where every team member contributes to the bottom line and also makes an impact on the company's culture. We work hard and play hard. If you have the drive to succeed and grow with our team, please send us your resume and let us know how you think we can benefit mutually from your skills and talents.