09/24/2021 - We are closed to walk-ins. All orders will ship on schedule.

The Details

About Us

Our shop is located in Portland, Oregon about 15 minutes from downtown. Our team is made up of people with diverse backgrounds, all sharing a passion for customer service, quality, and cars! With 15 years of aftermarket auto manufacturing experience we know quality, performance, and value.

We are a small, tight knit group of folks that are all 100% dedicated to making our customers happy. If you have any questions, need any help or would just like to chat, please call or email and we would be excited to help you. We are in the office between the hours of 8am and 4pm PT Monday through Friday.

Our Team

One of our core philosphies at CravenSpeed is that showing up to work every day shouldn't suck, and our crew is a big part of making that happen. We all have the same goal: Make the best parts possible and have a good time doing it. Ask any of us, and we'd tell you this is the best place we've ever worked.


Big Chief

Tristan is one of our founding members and owners. Tristan designed most of our early parts, and participates in all aspects in running the business. He gained his CAD and manufacturing experience in the high tech wafer industry. Tristan possesses an incredible ability to solve problems with little to no prior knowledge. He's a decent skier, but can't quite keep up with us young guns anymore.



Employee 1

Kellen is co-owner and the first employee of CravenSpeed. Back in the day Kellen ran the entire business by himself. These days, his time is spent managing our team, finances, b2b customers, and advertising. His main goals in life are to spend time with his family and play a little ultimate. He's still fairly obsessed with customer service, so if you get an email from us at midnight on a Saturday, it's probably him.



E-Commerce and Marketing

An Arizona native, Logan started his time at CravenSpeed in 2015 working on the assembly crew. After some time it became clear that he had bigger interests in both photography and website design. After teaching himself to do both, he is now in charge of our e-commerce website, and our marketing department. He has many hobbies, but he spends most of his spare time bouldering and playing disc golf.


Product Development

Steve is in charge of our product development. He's a tinkerer and artist with a keen eye for finding a balance between performance and style. He drives a beautiful black on black F60, loves dogs, leathercrafting, and working on his project Jeep.


Fulfillment and Amazon Commerce

Lauren is one of our longest serving employees, having been with us since 2012. She's in charge of making sure we get all of our orders shipped on time and accurately, including our Amazon inventory. Lauren's hair is always changing colors. We have a research team working to find a cause for this phenomenon.


Product Development

Jacob was originally employed by our sister company as a CNC machinist. When the owners of that company decided to retire, we welcomed Jacob (and a CNC mill) into our shop with great excitement. He's done some pretty impressive work in the CNC machining industry that we sadly can't talk about. Some of us believe that Jacob is in fact a vampire, so if you have any info regarding this issue please contact us a.s.a.p.



If there is anything that James knows about, it's these three things: Fantasy Football, Smash Brothers, and building CravenSpeed parts. He runs our assembly department, our laser engraver, and runs all of our vinyl production. James is the type of guy that breaks his foot cheering on the Blazers at the Rose Garden and has to get carried out by his wife and step-father. James is a cool guy.


Website Data and Customer Service

We met Thom a while back when he brought his awesome E30 by for a Platypus. We were looking for some help in the customer service department and Thom was looking to get a new job at a cool place. Match made in heaven. He's been around for a while, but he's still the new guy around here.


Customer Service

Danielle was a customer and fan of CravenSpeed before she ever worked here. Her knowledge of the MINI world, and our product line made her a perfect fit to join our customer service team. She actually turned us down for the job a couple years back so we hired her friend Thom instead. One year later, and she's now working in customer service with Thom. Sounds like a conspiracy if you ask me.


Assembly and Shipping

We don't know much about Moriah, but we do know that she is great at her job and likes to kick our butts at Smash Bros on a daily basis.


Outside Sales and Website Data

The newest member of our team, we brought Zack on board to head up our outside sales efforts and lend a hand to the website team. We weren't even hiring when we received his resume, it was impressive enough that we knew he would be a great asset. Zack drives an awesome E46, which I can neither confirm or deny had any effect on his employment.


At CravenSpeed we are always looking for great people who share our vision and standard for design, and customer satisfaction. We are a small but growing company where every team member contributes to the bottom line and also makes an impact on the company's culture. We work hard and play hard. If you have the drive to succeed and grow with our team, please send us your resume and let us know how you think we can benefit mutually from your skills and talents.