3rd Brake Flasher Kit

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Watch it, I'm stoppin here!

Drive the Miata for a week, and you'll start to notice that your fellow drivers tend to have issues with seeing the sporty roadster. As Miata drivers, it is prudent for us to increase our own visibility as much as possible. This plug and play device adds a flashing functionality to your 3rd brake light. According to a study performed by Daimler Chrysler 1 , a pulsing brake light can increase the reaction time of drivers behind you by up to .2 seconds. Don't worry though, you won't be constantly flashing drivers behind you every time you stop at a red light, or if your frequently braking in bumper-to-bumper traffic. The integrated accelerometer only let's the device detect when the car is under hard braking, and the device will pulse the 3rd brake light accordingly. The circuit board is wrapped in heat shrink to protect it from moisture and includes an adhesive velcro strip which allows for easy installation. It also uses OEM Mazda connectors so no splicing or soldering is required.

NOTE: This kit is NOT designed to make your brake lights flash every time you apply the brakes. It will only flash under emergency braking conditions, specifically when crossing the hard braking g-force threshold of about 0.6G

1 Safety Benefits of Flashing Brake Lights 1 , by Dr. Joerg Breuer, Daimler Chrysler; September 25, 2002

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