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Acrylic Wind Deflector for Mazda Miata MX-5 ND 2016-2022

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Wind Blows

Don't let having a drop-top mean you're never going to have a conversation that doesn't involve shouting. These handy, dandy physics-busters are just the ticket to mitigate wind noise and keep disturbances to a minimum. This Acrylic MX-5 Miata wind deflector will reduce wind blast and noise by up to 80%, making your travels that much more enjoyable!

The clear acrylic is hardly noticeable, but can also make for a perfect surface for slapping on your favorite decal.

Does It Really Make A Difference?

It really does, and here's why. When cruising with the top-down, the air going over the windshield and over the cabin has a higher pressure than the air inside the cabin. The high pressure air then doubles back, and equalizes pressure with the lower pressure air in the cabin, causing the air to move in a forward direction in the cabin. Aside from causing a bad hair day, this can also cause warmer air inside the cabin to be scooped out, creating a colder traveling experience. A wind deflector reduces the effects of the high-pressure air entering the cabin from behind the seats, which results in fewer air disturbances and noise. Now you can better enjoy your music, conversations, or just the purr of the engine!




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