Action Cam Bumper Mount

THANK YOU for purchasing The Action Cam Bumper Mount from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

The completed installation of the Action Cam Bumper Mount

Parts Included:

  • Action Cam Mount
  • Hex Stud
  • M10 Flanged Bolt
  • 1/4-20 Thumb Screw
  • Low Profile Wrench
  • Serrated Washer
  • Action Cam Bracket
*No actual camera is included with this kit.

Tools Required:

NOTE: This installation process is very easy, and should take around 5 minutes. Please read through the entire instructions before you begin.



Remove the towing eye cover

    Locate and remove the towing eye cover on the front bumper. Some covers indicate where to push, others may require prying with a panel removal tool.

Install the hex stud

  1. Screw the hex stud into the threaded towing eye receiver behind the cover, just hand tight at first!
  2. Using the appropriate cutout on the low profile wrench, tighten the hex stud

Install the Action Cam Bracket

  1. To install the backplate, place the flange bolt through the bracket, and place the serrated washer over the bolt, as shown. Then hand tighten the bolt onto the hex stud.
  2. Next, grab the low profile wrench, and use the 15mm open end to tighten down the flange bolt.

Install the Action Cam Mount

    Use the included thumb screw to tighten the Action Cam Mount onto the bracket, as shown

Installing the Action Cam

    Remove the bolt from the Action Cam Mount, place the Action Cam into the gaps on the mount, and reinstall the bolt.

    You can loosen all 3 bolts in order to rotate your camera into the optimal position, just remember to tighten them back up!