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Adjustable Short Shifter for MINI Cooper R53 (2002-2003)




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Make Everyday Driving less Everyday

When you upgrade to this fully Adjustable Short Shifter, you won't miss a shift but you might miss shifting. MINI made a great car for the masses but you want your MINI to drive exactly the way you want it to. It would be crazy if the seat and steering wheel didn't adjust to your comfort, so why shouldn't the shifter.

The ONLY Shifter That Adjusts at Your Request

The Adjustable Shifter from Craven Speed is the only short shifter that gives you the option to set and re-set the shift length and height at ANY TIME. Just as quickly as you can adjust the seat or mirrors, you can change the feel of this shifter. A locking collar sits near the base of the shifter and requires only a twist before the height and throw can be adjusted to your liking. You don't even need to look at what you are doing; with with our unique design, you cannot over adjust the shifter. Go ahead and move it from top to bottom without damaging your transmission.

Precision Made Parts From High Quality Materials

You should never expect anything else from us. We make our parts here in the USA, and we make them with care. Hybrid designed and CNC machined from Stainless Steel, and 6061 Aluminum; it is guaranteed to be unbreakable. The kits for the 2007+ models come with machined 6061 aluminum bushings as well. Make the feel of each shift more crisp after you replace the rubber bushings with these perfectly machined replacements.

You CAN Use Your Stock Knob and Boot

Although the shifter looks best with one of our custom MINI Shift Knobs, the MINI stock knob fits perfectly with the INCLUDED knob adapter. This adapter will also allow you to fit any BMW/MINI Shift Knob. Without the adapter installed, the Craven Speed Short Shifter will also accept most aftermarket knobs. Many use the same standard; M12 x 1.25 thread as our available shift knob. The shifter can be adjusted with the faux-leather boot in place, just feel the mechanism and twist. Of course, it is much easier with one of our Shift Well Covers.

Now Available for 2001 to Mid 2003 MINIs

There are two different shifters for 1st gen MINIs depending on the production date of the car. The production date is noted on the label located on the drivers door jamb. Cars with a production date prior to 12/03 will need SKU: CS-AA757-225; If the production date is 12/03 or newer will need SKU: CS-AA760-988. Still not sure? You can pull up the plastic ring around the shift boot and check the shifter housing! If the housing is white with a grey retaining clip, your MINI was built before 12/03. If the main shift housing is black with a white retaining clip, your MINI was built in 12/03 or later.

This Shifter Kit is specifically designed for MINI Coopers from 2002 to 2003. Take a look here if you are looking for an Adjustable Short Shifter for a different kind of MINI.


In an effort to push innovation, CravenSpeed has released an open source license for this product. Click here to see prints, and CAD files.




:a usually written guarantee of the integrity of a product and of the maker's responsibility for the repair or replacement of defective parts

CravenSpeed warranties everything that we make. The time period is infinite.