Billet Tachometer Dial for ND Miata

Billet Tachometer Dial for ND Miata

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There are a lot of factors that go into deciding what parts we should make, and one of them is obviously price. We are not big enough to do market research, so our prices are simply based off of what it costs us to make something. Sometimes we have ideas that are so expensive to make that we have to scrap them. This one we loved too much to scrap.



After seeing a few forum posts, as well as the red dial found in the Fiat 124, we thought it would be really cool to make our own custom version of it. We tried 3D printing and injection molding but the results we unimpressive. The only way to make this really awesome was to fully machine it from aluminum.

A lot of time (=money) would have to go into this, so we knew the final price would not be for everyone. We decided that no corners would be cut and we would make it as awesome as possible no matter what the cost.

Each part spent nearly three hours on our in-house CNC mill. They looked so impressive in their raw form we finished them with a bright dip anodize that would highlight the machine work that went into them instead of hiding it.

Each dial is engraved with its production number, making each one a unique, one of a kind item that cannot be found anywhere else. Installation of the dial is quick, easy and only requires basic tools. See more in our install guide below.

We have produced exactly 11 tachometer dials in this extremely limited production run. They will never be made in this way again.

Fits the ND Miata 2.0L and 1.5L model years 2016-2018
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