Bolted Phone Mount for Land Rover LR3



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Give your phone the life it deserves.

Our phones come with us everywhere. They keep us connected, on time, and in the know. They deserve to be treated kindly. Your phone needs a safe and secure place to live when it's travelling with you. Flopping around with loose change and straw wrappers in your cup holder is no way for a phone to live its life. Show your phone that you truly care, buy giving it a place of it's own. Put it in a spot that it wants to be... right in front of your beautiful face.

It's flexible so you don't have to be.

Most phone mounts on the market were designed to be mounted in a specific place. This almost always results in the phone blocking A/C vents, radio screens, or even your field of view. The Bolted mount can be isntalled nearly anywhere, and with the flexible arm, your phone can live exactly where you want it to.

The Magic of Magnets

The magnetic phone base is perfect for those that seek the ultimate in convenience. If your phone is already Qi equipped, it will simply pop right onto the base. If not, you can either slide one of the included magnets into a phone case, or simply stick one to the back of your phone. There is zero risk of a magnet this size causing any harm to your phone, that would kind of defeat the purpose of this mount. We do not recommend using the plates with QI equipped phones, however.

You want me to do what?

Let's talk about the elephant in the room. How does it attach? Check the instructions for a detailed explanation, but long story short, you've got to drill two small holes into an interior panel. Alas, the Bolted mount is not for everyone. In the LR3 we found the best spot to be on the main center console panel. This panel is very easy to remove, and mounts in a spot that doesn't block an A/C vent. For us, having a solid phone mount that can stand up to any driving conditions is extremely important. The Bolted mount is a product that you are going to use every day. It will last forever, it will not fail, and it can move with you into any vehicle you purchase in the future.

Product Type:
The Gemini Phone Mount
Made in USA:
Land Rover