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Boost Gauge Sender Adapter for MINI Coupe S R58 (2012-2015)



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How to Install a Boost Gauge Without Cutting and Drilling

The CravenSpeed Boost Gauge Sender Adapter for MINI Coupe S R58 (2012-2015) is the easiest way to install your Boost gauge quickly and while keeping the whole process reversible. Like most things we do, this Boost sender adapter is designed to preserve the interior of your car so it can be returned to stock without leaving behind holes, adhesives, or other damage. We apply the same principal to installation in the engine bay as well. That is why we have these adapters to allow easy installation of gauge sending units that would normally require heavy, irreversible modification.

PSIclone Adapter

You want a boost gauge to deliver the real-time PSI that your new turbocharged MINI is pumping into your engine. The trick is, unlike many turbo setups, there is no soft line to put a 'T' into to deliver pressure to your gauge. Without our specially machined adapter, you would need to drill a tap hole in the manifold to run a line to your gauge. The PSIclone installs in line with the MAF sensor for the ECU, then you can just use the 1/8 NPT thread to quickly attach your line with just the pieces supplied with almost any boost gauge.




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