F56 Adjustable Short Shifter

THANK YOU for purchasing the F56 Adjustable Short Shifter from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials, and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

Parts Included:

  • Cravenspeed Adjustable Short Shifter
  • Cravenspeed Shifter Retaining Clip Pro (if purchased)

Tools Required:

  • Flat-Head Screwdriver
  • 10mm Socket & Ratchet Wrench (shifter only)
  • Trim Panel Removal Tool
  • T20 Torx Driver
  • 2.5mm Allen Wrench (retainer only)
  • Drift
  • Mallet



Step 1. Remove the Center Console

    1a. Remove the stock knob. With a firm grip, pull up sharply and your knob should pop right off.



    1b. Remove your shift boot. Utilizing a Trim Panel Removal Tool, pop the lower ring loose and unplug the Sport-Mode connecting wire before lifting it completely away.



    Don’t forget that Sport-Mode plug!!!



    1c. Each kick panel has a Torx screw located up high about halfway to the foot well wall. Remove these screws and pop off both kick panels; one on each side of the center console.

    1d. Remove the two Torx screws (one on each side of the center console) that are now exposed from removing the kick panels.


    1e. Remove the Torx screw in the center of the rear cup holder and the two Torx screws on either side then lift out the rear section of the center console. Slide and flip your seats forward to access them from the rear passenger compartment.



    1f. Remove the Torx screw holding the rear of the center console. There is a single Torx screw on each side that will also need to be removed.


    1g. Pull your parking brake up as far as it will go and pop loose the boot frame where it snaps into the center console.


    1h. Starting at the rear, pivot/pull the center console up and out of the car. Feed the parking brake boot back through it’s mounting hole while you’re pulling up the center console.



    1i. You are now ready to proceed to the next step of the CravenSpeed Adjustable Short Shifter and/or MINI Shifter Retaining Clip Pro installation.

Step 2. Remove the Stock Shifter

    2a. Remove the push ring (washer with teeth) holding the reverse pivot assembly in place. Gently pry around it with a flat head screwdriver until it’s free. Don’t stress if you mangle this push ring because we’ve included a replacement if you need it. Take off the left-side, red bushing and the pivot assembly should just slip right off.




    2b. Disconnect the shifting cables from the bottom of your stock shifter. Place a drift or flat-head screwdriver next to the pivot cup and give it a firm whack with a mallet. Use your wits and don’t overdo it and break anything. They should pop off without too much effort. NOTE: It may not be necessary to remove the shifter cable from the reverse pivot. If you think you can accomplish the install with it still attached, by all means leave it alone.


    2c. Compress the three clips on the white shift retaining clip then pull your stock shifter up and out. (it may help to have a extra set of hands here)

Step 3. Remove the Stock Shift Bushings

    3a. Remove the four 10mm nuts holding the shift housing into place.


    3b. Pull the stock bushings out from under the housing and replace them with the CravenSpeed bushings. Note the orientation of the bushings from the images below.



    3c. Place the shifter housing back down over the newly installed CravenSpeed bushings and replace the four 10mm nuts.