Gemini Device Mount for ND Miata (2016-2022) Flex


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You need hands free

Even though the ND Miata has an excellent infotainment system that allows you to play music, make calls, receive texts, etc. There are some things that you need your phone for in the car. The Gemini Flex for your Miata easily puts your phone where you can see it; keeps it out of your pocket and puts it where you need it.

Gemini Flex

Hands down the easiest to use phone mount in the world. No sticky pads, no suction cups, no vent clips. Slide it into the cup holder socket and away you go. The base is machined from aluminum to ensure a perfect fit, and anodized black. The 8 inch arm is flexible yet sturdy, and wrapped in a soft silicone shielding. The ball on the end is also machined, and anodized aluminum.

This mount does not fit on RHD models


The magnets are in the rubberized circle with our logo on it (see photo). Not all phones are magnetic and almost no cases are. This kit comes with two flat plates that have some adhesive on one side. In order to get a good magnetic connection between the phone and the mount you can:

  • Place the plate inside your phone case
  • Stick the plate directly to your phone
  • Stick the plate to your case

* Do not use QI functionality with either metal plate inserted/attached to the phone.

You've got options.

We offer our Gemini device mounts for the MX-5 Miata in two different flavors. While this Flex version is the master of convenience; It simply pops into the cup holder socket found in the passenger footwell. The second style is sturdier and puts the phone in a more optimal location. That is great if you use it often but that trade-off is that it is a bit tougher to install (although still reversible without damaging your ND). It's a spacer ring that installs between your A/C vent and the dash, click here to check it out.

Product Type:
The Gemini Phone Mount
Made in USA:
MX-5 Miata

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