Gemini Device Mount for ND Miata

Gemini Device Mount for ND Miata

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When it comes to giving your phone a safe and secure home in your Miata, CravenSpeed has got you covered. We offer our Gemini device mounts in two different flavors. The first is the master of convenience. It simply pops into the cup holder socket found in the passenger footwell. It's got a 6" flexible arm that allows you to position your device exactly where you want it. The second style is a more rigid solution. We've made a spacer ring that installs between your A/C vent and the dash. This gives you a sturdy mount in a prime location next to the steering wheel while maintaining full functionality of the vent.

But wait! There's More!

Included with every Gemini mount are two different styles of device holder. For those seeking the ultimate in convenience, the magnetic base is the way to go. If your phone is QI equipped it will stick to the magnet base straight away. If not, you can use the XXL clip. If magnets aren't your style, or if you need a bit more holding power, the XXL is the answer. The spring loaded clip is strong, and allows the same level of adjustability as the magnet. Both holders attach via a ball and socket joint, which makes it easy to swap between the two.

* Do not use QI functionality with either metal plate inserted/attached to the phone.

Gemini Vent

The Gemini Vent takes a bit more work to install, but the results are worth it. You'll be left with a very sturdy device mount that locates your phone in a perfect position for easy navigation. The installation is 100% reversible, with no permanent modifications necessary. The spacer ring is machined and anodized aluminum and the rigid arm is powder coated steel. The same ball joint is used.

Gemini Flex

Hands down the easiest to use phone mount in the world. No sticky pads, no suction cups, no vent clips. Slide it into the cup holder socket and away you go. The base is machined from aluminum to ensure a perfect fit, and anodized black. The 6" arm is flexible yet sturdy, and wrapped in a soft silicone shielding. The ball on the end is also machined, and anodized aluminum.

3 Reviews

Charles Gagnon 22nd Jun 2018

Gemini Flex for ND

Perfect fit. Could not ask for better!!

Randall F 25th May 2018


First it worth the price? Maybe. It depends on what you are going for. So here's why I gave it 5 stars and why I'm not going to factor in price into the rating

1. It's simple
2. It's strong.
3. It's flexible
4. It's cosmetically appealing.

As you can see, many of those items are simply subjective. That's why the answer to the question as to is it worth the price is maybe. It's not a dash or window phone holder, it's just simply custom made for the Miata ND front cupholder. So it's pretty much made for one purpose and one purpose only. Though I suppose if you needed a weapon, it could have alternate uses. But let's not go there.

About my usage. I like to use my phone, iPhone 6s Plus, upright and I'm a huge Waze fan. Using the flex mount, I'm able to tilt it and flex it just right so that it's near my shifter and parking brake, but just out of the way. It comes with a 3M adhesive magnet and I decided not to attach it to my phone as I wasn't sure of the placement. What I found was that if I just drop it in my case and keep it at the bottom, it works perfectly for me.

I used it on my way to work today, I travel a couple interstates to get there. I didn't find that it was wobbly or bouncing around. It seemed to simply hold still in its place and did its thing. The magnet worked very well. Now, granted it's not as strong as pushing buttons on your nav display, but it's strong enough to be able to go through your phone's functions without it falling off the stand or feeling like it's going to. It's held very firmly in place.

One of the advantages I did discover is that I can use a much, much shorter phone cable. I'm going to try a 7 - 8" cable. I do like that I'm able to clean up the cable mess since it's right next to the USB jack.

So overall...I'm very happy with my purchase, it works exactly as advertised and I'm happy that I purchased it.

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