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Gemini Mount for Fiat 500



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As we use our phones more and more in the car, it's becomes extremely important to have a secure, dedicated home for your device. A cup holder, a storage cubby, or the seat next to you is simply not good enough unless you like having your phone flying around the car. Our phone mount philosophy is simple. A mount needs to be easy to use, work with any device, and provide a secure place for you to keep your phone.

Our Gemini mount does just that. The mount itself attaches to a pre-existing threaded hole in the defrost vent. It's actually bolted to the car, and does not rely on sticky pads, suction cups, or flimsy vent clips. The magnetic base is the ultimate in convenience when it comes to phone holders. With the addition of the included adhesive backed magnetic plate, any phone or case can be made to be compatible with the holder. With the plate attached we do not recommend the use of any wireless charging functionality. Alternatively, you can simply insert the base inside of your case. The 6" flexible arm and ball joint socket allow for a wide range of adjustment, so you can adjust the position of the phone to suit your needs.

To access the threaded hole in the dash, you need to pop a vent cover off. You can put this vent back in place after cutting some of the fins, or you could purchase our pre-cut vent right here. We used to include a 3D Printed replacement vent, but as you will see in the reviews, it was not well received. Using a modified OEM vent allows our Gemini to appear as though it was installed in the car from the factory. Installation of the mount is extremely easy and should only take a few minutes. Detailed instructions are available below.




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