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Gemini Phone Mount for 2001-2015 Scion iM



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When we were designing the Gemini phone mount for Scion vehicles, we aimed to offer something that would have a more secure mounting option than other phone mounts on the market, while also offering a relatively simple install procedure. It was also important to ensure the device was comfortably visible, without causing a distraction to the driver.

We've all seen the clip-on vent mounts that fall, crack, or block the air flow; The suction cup mounts that leave those distracting and cloudy rings on the windshield when not installed. No thanks! We wanted something specifically designed for Scions but be of minimal distraction, while also being well-built and versatile for all phones. Enter our Gemini mounts.

We designed this iM phone mount to fit the small switch delete plates, typically found to the left of the steering column on most Scion vehicles. The mounting block is machined from 6061 aluminum to exacting specifications, so the final result is a product that has exceptional fit and finish, and could fool anyone into being a stock option for your Scion. The 8 inch FlexArm is topped off with a custom designed and machined 90 degree adapter to get the ball attachment to sit perfectly for the magnet base attachment.

A solid magnetic connection is achieved with the use of an adhesive backed metal plate that can be attached either directly to your phone, or to the case. Using the plate, the mount is compatible with any device on the market including the iPhone, Galaxy, Note, and Pixel. With the plate attached we do not recommend the use of any wireless charging functionality. Alternatively, you can simply insert the base inside of your case.

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