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The CravenSpeed Gemini Phone Mount for the Ford Edge.



Gemini Phone Mount for Ford Edge 2015-2019



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Controlling media, navigating, answering important calls, all of these are vital roles that smartphones can fulfill in the car. To do so, a phone needs a secure, convenient, and adjustable home in the cabin. Cupholders, laps, and dashboard trays all have some serious shortcomings when it comes to accomplishing this goal.

At CravenSpeed we've taken on the task of designing and manufacturing the worlds best phone mounts. The word "universal" isn't in our design language. We are focused on creating vehicle specific mounts that don't have to make any of the sacrifices that come with a one-size-fits-all product. Our mount ensures that you aren't relying on suction cups or sticky pads to secure an expensive smartphone. Our magnetic phone base is the ultimate in convenience, and can be operated with one hand. The ball mount and flexible arm allow for a full range of adjustment, so you can fine tune the mount to suit your needs.

The Gemini attaches securely to the dash via two preexisting mounting points behind the center section of the dash. We have designed a bracket that attaches to the underside of this section to provide a solid platform for the flex arm. The bracket is laser cut from 12 gauge steel and powder coated with a black textured finish. Install is a breeze with our easy to follow guide which can be found here

To secure your phone to the mount, a solid magnetic connection is established with the use of an adhesive backed metal plate that can be attached either directly to your phone, or case. Using the plate, the mount is compatible with any device on the market including the iPhone, Galaxy, Note, and Pixel. With the plate attached we do not recommend the use of any wireless charging functionality. Alternatively, you can simply insert the base inside of your case.




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