The magnet version of the CravenSpeed Gemini Phone Mount for MINI Coupe R58 holding a Pixel 3XL.



Gemini Phone Mount for MINI Coupe R58 (2012-2015)




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The Gemini Phone Mount:

  • Puts your phone in the perfect position
  • Attaches solidly to your MINI without damaging it
  • You select the phone holder you prefer

Magnet vs. Scissor

Magnet - We had long been skeptical of magnetic phone mounts, but it turns out they are pretty awesome. Since most of us have a protective case on our phones, sliding the included little plate inside the case makes for an excellent magnetic connection between the device and the mount. This magnetic mount is so quick and easy to use it is our recommendation for a daily driver.

Scissor - We designed the first version of this phone holder 10 years ago. Universal phone holders tend to be bulky, clumsy and cheap plastic; this is a simple, machined aluminum design that (with a size upgrade for 2019) can fit any phone on the market. To check your phone size, just click here! These phone holders are assembled by hand in our shop and they are a little more expensive than the magnet. The scissor has a stronger grip on the phone than the magnet does.

Location, location, location

Your device is so much more than a phone. We use our smartphones as advanced GPS devices with turn by turn directions and traffic avoidance. These crazy valuable features of your phone are really tough to take advantage of unless you have the phone secured where you can see it. This Gemini puts your phone in a better viewing location than any other car phone mount could; it attaches to existing holes on the back of your tachometer. Once installed the phone location can be adjusted easily by pivoting the on the bracket, just move it and it stays put. Both the Magnet and Scissor will then allow the phone to rotate into portrait or landscape mode.

Designed just for your MINI

This CS-AB933-164 is specifically designed for your MINI Coupe 2012-2015 (fits S, and JCW models also) and comes as a pre-assembled kit that will bolt on and face to the right of the tach (works on US LHD or Euro RHD). If you are driving another model click here to find the right part. The bracket is made from steel and powder coated black. The color will not fade over time or scratch unless you really try hard.

Not sure if you have the tools? No problem, we have you covered with our handy-dandy 8-Bit Tool Kit! The kit includes everything you'll need to install the Gemini mount, with the added benefit of multi-use, since MINI uses a lot of the same hardware throughout their cars! How neat is that?! Click here to check it out!

You have the Fixie Option!

Fixie mounts use our previous generation Scissor Phone Mount and fixed bracket. So, if you have a smaller-than-average (when it comes to the latest ginormous phones) phone and you like saving money, the Fixie might be right for you! CLICK HERE for a complete list of compatible phones!

The Fixie fits perfectly in your MINI Coupe. The the arm does not articulate, but it does put your device exactly where we feel it works best.




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