Gemini Phone Mount for MINI

Gemini Phone Mount for MINI



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Two Phone Mount Choices in the Box

The Gemini Smart phone mount is both a magnetic mount, and a clip mount. You choose which you like best, and you can switch at any time. Either will work for any smartphone no matter how large or small.

Designed just for your Mini

All you need to do is select your MINI's generation, and you will receive a pre-assembled mount that attaches directly to the existing screw holes on the back of your tachometer. If you aren't sure which generation your MINI is from, check out our MINI model guide. The Gemini fits all MINI models. On some cars, particularly the F60 Countryman, the bracket will limit the top end of the steering column adjustment range slightly.

Magnets Work Surprisingly Well

We've long been skeptical of magnetic phone mounts, but it turns out they are pretty awesome. Many of the phones we tested were sufficiently magnetic on their own to just attach right to the mount. If not, we include two sizes of metal plates with adhesive backing. You could stick one to your phone or your case. It could also go between the case and the phone. While this magnetic mount is quick and easy to use, if you do not want to deal with the plates and your phone does not attach without them, the XXL Clip is in the box for you too. We do not recommend using either metal plate with QI equipped phones.

Tight Corners and Large Phones are not Problem

The strong spring of the inclued clamshell holder can be more secure than the magnet mount if you are really putting it through it's paces. This is ideal for larger/heavier devices or bumpy driving conditions. The spring clip design means it’s still easy to use, simply pinch the back to open the holder. It opens up to 4 inches wide, so as long as your device is narrower than that, it will fit just fine. When removing your phone from the holder you should avoid letting the strong spring snap shut. Over time, this can cause the holder to break. If your holder breaks we will replace it, but this can be easily avoided.


The first gen mount fits the R50, R52, and R53. The second gen version fits the R55 Clubman, R56 Cooper, R57 Convertible, R58 Coupe, R59 Roadster, R60 Countryman, and the R61 Paceman. The third gen fits the F55 and F56 Cooper, as well as the F54 Clubman and F57 Convertible. If you drive an F60 or F54, we've got an alternate version of the 3rd gen bracket mount that fits those dashes better.

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