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The 2-Hole Jam Handle Portrait



Jam Handle for Fiat

Jam Handle



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Keep your 500 Clean

You know the look. When you park your beautiful Italian ride and you take a quick glance back at it before you get inside. We all do it. You know what really ruins that experience? Smudgy fingerprints on the door. Most of us don't even notice that we touch the door, but lo and behold, the prints prove it.

Never again.

The Jam Handle is the end to this problem. Using an automotive grade 3M adhesive, the Jam Handle simply sticks to your door jamb, just above the door latch. It gives you a dedicated spot to close the door with so you don't need to touch the paint when you shut it. Made in the USA, this Jam Handle comes in a 2-Hole configuration that fits excellently on all Fiat cars. Sticking an adhesive tape to your paint sounds scary right? Fret not my friend, the adhesive is designed specifically for automotive use, and can be easily removed leaving zero evidence that it was ever there.




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