Lightweight Crank Pulley for Gen 1 Scion TC

Lightweight Crank Pulley for Gen 1 Scion TC



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Any given engine can only produce a specific amount of power. While the main goal is to spin the wheels, some of this power must be used to drive the accessory system (a/c , power steering, alternators, etc..) This all starts at the crank pulley. When an OEM designs a pulley they are looking to create something that is cheap to manufacture. With this mentality you typically end up with a part that is much heavier than necessary. For those looking for performance, a pulley can be designed with different parameters, and that is exactly what we have done.

The CravenSpeed Lightweight Crank Pulley offers a significant weight savings over the OEM pulley. By reducing the weight, we reduce the amount of power that is required to spin the pulley, freeing up that power to be used instead to spin the wheels. Another benefit is a noticeable increase in throttle response, as the engine will be able to increase it's rpm at a faster rate. The pulley is machined in Oregon from 6061 aluminum and anodized with a metallic red finish. We offer the pulley in both stock diameter and -3% underdrive configurations. The underdrive version offers even greater weight savings at the cost of sacrificing a small amount of output from your accessory system. It is not necessary to use a different belt with either pulley.

Notice: This product has NOT been certified for legal use in CA and other states adopting CA emissions standards under Section 177 of the Federal Clean Air Act of 1970. Please check with laws in your area to make sure that your use of this product is compliant with current regulations in your jurisdiction.




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