Lightweight Pulleys

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The math is pretty simple, it takes power to spin a pulley. The heavier the pulley is, the more power it will take to spin it. Your motor is limited in how much power it can make. By swapping to a lighter pulley your motor will spend less power spinning pulleys, and more power spinning the wheels. Since it's easier to get the pulley spinning in the first place, you'll also see an improvement in throttle response.

Years of Experience

Billet aluminum pulleys were among the first products CravenSpeed designed back in 2005. We've been making them to the same standards ever since. There are always concerns on the internet about the lack of a damper on this type of pulley. Our years of experience at this, without issue, should put this to rest. While the stock, cast iron pulley needs a rubber damper to improve it's harmonic balance, a CNC lathe machined part like this is inherently balanced.

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Notice: This product has NOT been certified for legal use in CA and other states adopting CA emissions standards under Section 177 of the Federal Clean Air Act of 1970. Please check with laws in your area to make sure that your use of this product is compliant with current regulations in your jurisdiction.

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