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MINI R53 Cold Air Intake

THANK YOU for purchasing the MINI R53 Cold Air Intake from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials, and is guaranteed to be free from defects.


Parts Included:

  • Airbox
  • Filter
  • (3) M5 Screws with nuts
  • (4) #8x3/8 flat-head screws
  • #8 nylock nuts
  • L-Brackets
  • (10) 1/4x5/8 Screws
  • (4) Lock Washers
  • (4) Hex Nuts
  • (6) Flat Nuts
  • Cross Brace
  • (3) #10 screws
  • Polycarbonate Top
  • CravenSpeed MINI Engine Badge

Tools Required:

  • T25 Torx Driver
  • Philips Head Screwdriver
  • Standard Screwdriver
  • M5 or similar Hex Wrench
  • Filter Oil

For a video instructional please visit R53 CAI Instructional Video



    1. Remove the stock intake

    a. Start by removing the battery terminal from the side of the airbox - it just clips




    b. Remove the clamp at the intake boot.


    c. Remove the two T25 torx screws at the base of the intake heat shield and the matching screws at the front of the airbox.


    d. Remove top of the box and the panel filter.


    e. Remove the ECU cover (it just has two tabs on each side that squeeze together

    and pull off)


    f. Remove each of the two plugs. These are a little tricky - they have tabs on the end of the plug that pull away from the plug, that forces the plug up and off. It's

    easiest to use a small screwdriver very carefully to pull these tabs away from the



    g. Pull out the ECU


    h. Remove the 10mm screw that holds the driver side of the airbox down. There is

    also a small steel bracket holding a wiring loom that is attached with this same

    10mm. You will need to move this loom slightly out of the way to remove the



    i. Now remove the clamp on the snorkel to the airbox. You will either use a

    standard screwdriver if you have replaced the clamp, or the factory removal tool

    if you still have the stock clamp (you can also remove the stock clamp with a

    small screwdriver and replace it with the screwdriver and small pliers). Press

    down on the tab inside the bottom of the airbox that holds the snorkel in place

    and pull it out of the car.

    j. Slide the wiring to the battery terminal out from the lower airbox clip.

    k. You can now remove the lower airbox half by pulling back and then out.


    l. Undo the two small, rubber, mounting screws at the bottom rear of the

    partition. The box is molded on the underside to fit into these mounts, which is

    why you had to pull toward the front of the car before you pulled up and out.

    Now you can pull out the back portion of the box as well leaving space for your

    new CAI to breathe air from the cowl.


    2. Assemble the Airbox

    a. Use the four #8x3/8 flat-head screws (12), and #8 nylock nuts (13) to attach the

    L-Brackets (6) that secure the sides of the box to the bottom base.

    b. Mount the ECU to the sidewall using four 1/4x5/8 screws (11), lock washers (7)

    and hex nuts (9).

    c. Attach two of the flat nuts (5) to the outside of the box, opposite to the ECU

    using 2 more 1/4x5/8 screws (11). (These will hold the battery terminal after


    d. To attach the cross brace (3) you will need to use three #10 screws (10), and the

    #10 nuts (8) with the built in conical washers.

    e. The other four 1/4x5/8 screws (11) and flat nuts (5) are used to secure the

    polycarbonate top (4) to the box. The flat side of the top is the top of the top

    (4). For now, just lightly thread them with the flat nuts on the under (machined)

    side of the poly top.


    3. Install the Airbox

    a. Place the airbox, with the open side up and the piping facing toward the front of

    your MINI, in the spot where you removed the factory airbox.


    b. Find the spot on the lower left where the M5 screw goes from the back, through

    the plastic tube and out through the hole in the steel box.

    c. Tighten the nut onto the front while holding the back with a M5 or similar hex


    d. Repeat with the upper left attachment area.

    e. Use the third nut and screw in the upper right to secure the airbox.

    f. Slide the foam rubber seal over the firewall and rear of the airbox.

    4. Re-attach the ECU Cables

    a. Start with the back cable



    b. Adjust the rubber seal on the wiring until it sits in the cutout portion of the airbox.

    c. Make sure the tab is all the way out on the rear ECU cable.

    d. Place the rear cable attachment in place and push the tab back in, this will lock

    the cable into the unit.

    e. Adjust the rubber seal on the front cable until it sits in the front cutout.

    f. Make sure the tab is all the way out on the front cable.

    g. Place the front cable in place and push the tab back in, this will lock the cable

    into the unit.

    5. Affix Filter to Inside of the Air Hose Tube

    a. Your new filter comes pre oiled from the factory, but we recommend that you

    add your own filter oil.

    b. You may need to loosen the clamp with a standard screwdriver before the filter

    slides over the steel piping.


    c. Tighten the clamp with a standard screwdriver once the filter is in place.

    6. Place Top onto the Airbox

    a. Start with the machined side down, and the notch in the lower right corner.


    b. Turn the flat nuts on the underside of the top so that they are parallel to the

    sidewall of the box before putting the top in place. Then when you tighten the

    screws from the top they will turn into the open slots on the side of the box to

    secure the top in place.

    Final Steps

    7. Place your new CravenSpeed MINI engine badge where the plain MINI one used to be.

    8. Turn the ignition key on for 10 seconds to re-initialize, and then start the car. Check to

    see that nothing is askew. Listen for odd noises, check hose alignment, check for any air

    leaks, etc.