ND MX-5 Seat Belt Buckle Holster

THANK YOU for purchasing the ND MX-5 Seat Belt Buckle Holster from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials, and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

Parts Included:

  • 1x Seat Belt Buckle Holster
  • 1x Adhesive-backed Foam Bumper

Tools Required:

  • Trim Panel Removal Tool (Flat-blade screwdriver will suffice if you’re careful)



Let's get started

    1. Park your car, set the e-brake and lower the soft top. There is a locking trim pin located on the door edge of the convertible trim surround.

    1.  Utilize your trim panel removal tool and gently pry out the center pin about ¼. Once the center pin is disengaged you should be able to remove the entire pin assembly.

    1. Pull up on the convertible trim surround and expose the plastic lip of the lower interior panel.

    1. There is an adhesive-backed foam bumper included with the buckle holster. Peel the paper backing off and apply it centered onto the backside of the ‘loop’ section of the buckle holster.

    1. Set the ‘hook’ section of the buckle holster onto the inner lip of the lower interior panel.

    1. Set the convertible trim surround back down over the buckle holster and reinsert the locking trim pin.

    1. When needed, set the seat belt buckle into the holster to eliminate any belt flapping or bright reflections from the sun.