Parking Brake Handle for NC Miata

Parking Brake Handle for NC Miata



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Machined from a single piece of stainless steel, this handle is a direct replacement for the stock plastic parking brake handle in your NC Miata. While there is no performance advantage to using this handle, it does greatly increase the elegance of your interior. The premium quality will be felt every time you park.

Clean and Easy Installation

The three rubber rings that you see on the stainless handle are hiding the three plastic tipped setscrews that secure the handle in place. The leather boot on your car is designed to fit and secure the same as it does to the OEM handle. That means that once installed there are no visual cues that the piece was not installed at the factory. Just remove the stock handle, slide the new piece into place secure the three screws with the included wrench, cover them with the rubberized rings, and secure the boot in place with the included tie-down.




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