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Main Image for PIAA Si-Tech Wiper Blade Kit for 2008-2010 Infiniti EX35

PIAA Si-Tech Wiper Blade Kit for 2008-2010 Infiniti EX35



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Trust us, it rains a lot here.

A fellow Portland company, PIAA has been at the top of their industry for a very long time. Their Si-Tech wipers are simply the best wipers in the game, and we are proud to offer them to our customers.

Blades of Glory

Reliable wipers mean reliable vision in the wet. PIAA uses a sleak, modern design that looks great and cuts down on snow build up. These wiper blades are aerodynamic, more pressure points for streak-free wiping, and made of long-lasting silicone. Ultra quiet, exceptionally durable, these are the best wiper blades you'll ever buy.

Each of these beam style blades promote rain beading right out of the package, but also come with a windshield prep pack to further maximize performance.


Included in this kit are both the left and right blades. The kit will fit your Infiniti EX35 between years 2008 and 2010. Make sure to follow instructions for using the V adapter, which works with your small J-Hook type connector and comes pre-installed.

  • Driver side length: 22
  • Passenger side length: 18

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