When it comes to returns, we plan on being the easiest company you'll ever deal with. We'll accept any return, for any reason, absolutely free of charge. We won't even be mad about it.

The Basics:

  • - We accept returns and exchanges for 1 year. (Store credit may be the only option after 60 days.)
  • - We can accept returns from Amazon, Wal-Mart, and obviously our own site.
  • - We accept eBay returns, as long as we were the seller.
  • - We can accept damaged returns. You may have caused the damage but that could be our fault. Just be honest, we are easy to deal with.
  • - We can accept returns without the original packaging. Seriously, we are easy to work with.
  • - We will refund the full purchase price of the item. (unless the item has been horribly disfigured)
  • - We’ll cover return shipping for domestic orders.

International Returns and Exchanges

For international orders our policy is the same, except that the customer will be responsible for return shipping. Send international returns to:

7337 SW Tech Center Dr.
Portland, OR 97223 USA


If you’ve changed your mind, ordered the wrong part, or want a different color, just let us know. We’d be happy to swap your order out for you.

To Start a return or exchange:

The entire return process, between your first contact to the refund in your account, shouldn’t take more than ten days.

Send an email to [email protected] Please include the following:

  • - Order # / Order ID
  • - A brief explanation of the issue.
  • - If possible, a photo of the problem. We really like to resolve any issues on our first contact with you. Photos really help this.

What we’ll do:

Thom, Logan, or Kellen will get back to you as quickly as possible. If it’s after 4:30 pm PST, you’ll hear from us on the next business day, otherwise it shouldn’t be more than a few hours.

Naturally, we’ll do our best to solve the problem at our expense. If it’s a fitment issue or you were sent the wrong item, we’ll get you the right parts. You won’t ever pay for additional shipping.

If you find that you are simply unhappy with the product, it smells weird, or you just plain don’t want it, we’ll email you a return label.

How to return something:

Once you have a return label, put the item back in its original packaging if you can. If that box came inside another box please use both when shipping back. Print the return label and tape it to the box. Give it to your friendly neighborhood postal worker or drop it at the post office.


Refunds are processed once we have received the item and checked it in. Most returns arrive within 3-days after you have dropped it off. Caleb, a.k.a. “The Returns Department” processes returns twice a week. Your credit card company should have the transaction refunded by the next day.

That’s it. Pretty easy right? If you have any questions regarding our return policy, or any suggestions on how we can make it better, please contact [email protected]