RevLimiter JNC Gauges for 2016-2018 ND Miata RF

RevLimiter JNC Gauges for 2016-2018 ND Miata RF



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Give your gauges a classic update with the RevLimter JNC gauges. These gauges feature an aerospace polymer, laser-cut face. They are digital screen printed and have an OEM textured surface. Taking inspiration from classic Japanese cars, these gauges celebrate the roots of the legendary Miata's heritage. Backlit with the clusters OEM lighting, the gauges maintain the original nighttime functionality. All of the factor warning and indicator lights are maintained as well.

Included with the kit is everything you will need to install the gauges, and a few extra goodies. Install is fairly straightforward, but does require the removal of a few interior panels. This kit is compatible with 2016-2018 ND1 Miata RFs with a redline of 6500 r.p.m. It is not compatible with the soft-top Miata, or any 2019 or newer Miata.




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