Security Screw Kit for The Platypus



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You Wouldn't Steal a Car

Platypus piracy IS stealing. Help deter would-be thieves with our official CravenSpeed Platypus Security Screw and Tool Kit! We decided to take advantage of the more quirky, alternative screw head types and opted for tamper-resistant button head Torx screws (go ahead and say that one five times fast.) As with all things CS, quality was important to us, which is why we chose the same 18-8 Stainless Steel composition as our other screw options.

Would You Like Free Insurance?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer that, but we can come close! The included Torx driver is the exact size and shape needed for these unique security screws, eliminating the need to find a hardware store with the correct size! To add some finish to the installed screws, we also include screw covers that will conceal the head type from passers-by scoping out your sweet plate mount. Coincidentally, these covers will also prevent the screw heads from becoming clogged with various road debris!

Everything You Need

Getting new car parts is fun, even if it's just a plate mount. What's not fun is having to run to three different stores to find supplemental parts. With something as specific as security screws, we decided to handle this for you! Our Platypus Security Screw and Tool Kit comes with both 3/8" length screws and 1/2" length screws, four black plastic screw covers, and the correct Torx driver! Add to that our best-in-the-world customer support and lifetime warranty, and you've got everything you need!

Note: the Platypus front plate mount still has the potential to be removed even with these screws installed. These screws DO NOT guarantee your Platypus cannot be stolen, but they WILL act as a deterrent against potential theft.

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