Shift Knob Cap

Shift Knob Cap


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Change it up

We designed our shift knobs to include a modular top cap, which means it's incredibly easy to change up colors and engravings. You can choose a premade design, or even a custom engraving. Read on below to learn about our sweet laser! The knob caps are machined here in Oregon from 6061 aluminum or stainless steel.


Our engraving laser fires a highly focused beam of energy at your cap, blasting away the color coating at the precise locations we choose. In order to know where it should fire, the laser needs a map for each design. This map is provided as a solid black and white graphic, where white = "do not fire" and black = "FIRE THE LASER!"

We can turn just about any design into engraveable artwork, but there are some limitations. Highly detailed designs will loose some of that detail in the engraving process. We also have no control over the colors of the engraving. The only two colors are the color of the color coating and the color of the raw aluminum underneath.

Here's an example of a design we would send to the laser, and it's output on a white cap:

In most cases we can offer our usual same day shipping on the caps. If we have questions about the design we'll need to clear them up before we can engrave your cap. If you aren't sure about your design send a message to Logan (our graphics wizard). His email address is




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CravenSpeed warranties everything that we make. The time period is infinite.

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