Red anodized CravenSpeed Shift Knob Cap with the "CS 6-Speed" engraving.

Shift Knob Cap



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More Colors and Custom Engraving Available

These knob caps can be used on any of our shift knobs. You just remove the 6 little screws holding it down and you can swap in a new one any time. We only keep the Red and Black capped knobs on the shelves, so if you are looking for a special color or custom engraving this is the way to get it.


The caps are CNC machined from aluminum and then color is applied via a powder coat or anodized finish. The engraving is done with a laser which simply removes the finish in a designated area (ie: your design.) We can engrave almost anything onto a cap, but we need a good "map" to send to the laser to tell it where to fire. This map is your artwork. The map needs to be a black and white graphic (not a photo, or a photo of a drawing.) The laser will fire at every position on the map which is black revealing the raw aluminum. The white areas of the map will be left untouched, leaving behind the existing powder coat or anodized finish. We cannot add color to a cap, nor do we have control over the color of the area to be engraved. Below are some examples of good artwork submissions and their results, as well as a few examples of bad submissions.

The Good:

Artwork Submission:


Artwork Submission:


The Bad:

Reasons this is bad:

  • Not black and white.
  • Low resolution.
  • Taken from another website.

Reasons this is bad:

  • Artwork is greyscale.
  • Low resolution.

The Ugly:

Reasons this is bad:

  • Hand drawn.
  • Photo of a screen.
  • Black ink on paper doesn't count as black and white.

Artwork Requirements

  • Submitted artwork should be black and white only (no greyscale).
  • Images must be non-copyrighted and/or non-trademarked.
  • Customized knob caps are non-returnable.

Please note that we do not keep all color/engraving combinations ready to go, on the shelf, for same day shipping like most of our products. James runs the engraving laser every Thursday. Any orders placed on or before Wednesday will ship out on Thursday. Orders placed after will have to wait until the next batch gets done the next week. Pro-tip: If you don't want your whole order held up waiting on the custom cap, make it a separate transaction. With free-shipping, it won't cost you anything extra.

Submit artwork to:




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CravenSpeed warranties everything that we make. The time period is infinite.

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