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Shift Well Cover for ND Miata

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The finishing touch.

As soon as we released our short throw shifter for the ND Miata, we knew we would have to design a shift well cover to show off our work. Much like its MINI counterpart, the ND shift well cover puts the finishing touch on the most aesthetically pleasing shifter setup in the game. Looks this good are typically reserved for high end super cars, but we don't see any reason why the Miata can't have a stunning interior as well.

The CravenSpeed Way

As usual we've put our absolute best into this product in order to ensure that it is something we are proud to offer. Several iterations were made to ensure that the fit was just right. We spent a whole day arguing about what type of finish we should use. Every cover was gone over by hand to ensure each one was perfect. All machining and fabrication happened right here in the Pacific Northwest. At the end of the day, if you manage to discover that the cover just isn't for you, we've got the best return policy in the business.

It's all in the details.

The cover itself is machined from 6061 aluminum and powdercoated black. Stainless hardware secures the cover to the powdercoated steel frame, which bolts to the center console using OEM hardware. Rounding out the kit is a laser cut ABS cover plate and a few bits of hardware to keep the cover plate pressed up against the cover. Install takes about 30 minutes, with only basic tools required. No permanent modifications are required.


The shift well cover was designed for use with our short throw shifter for the ND. It is not compatible with the stock shifter due to the width of the shifter. This kit does not include a shifter or shift knob, which can be purchased here.
*Fitment Note:

A small number of customers have reported fitment issues with this product. We have reduced the price, and will offer full refunds to anyone who experiences this issue. More info available here.




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