Shifter Retaining Clip Pro for MINI



Shifter Retaining Clip Pro for MINI



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A Solid Upgrade

When swapping out the stock shifter in your MINI for one of our MINI Adjustable Short Shifters, it can be tricky to get the stock retaining clip out without breaking it. The stock clip is also very loose fitting which results in a lot of extra play in your shifter. If you've already done the work to get the shifter out, take the opportunity to improve on the retaining clip in a big way with our machined acetal retaining clip replacement. It will never break, and it will eliminate any play at the shifter main pivot. Even if you don't have our short shifter, you will notice a big difference in shifting if you upgrade to our retaining clip.

*The Shifter Retaining Clip will only fit 2nd and 3rd Gen MINIs.




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