Short Throw Shifter for ND Miata

Short Throw Shifter for ND Miata

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You already love the manual transmission in your Miata. Ripping through the gears up every single on-ramp is a blast. With the CravenSpeed short shifter, you can squeeze a bit more enjoyment out of your car. The shifter reduces throw by over 30% and features a weighted shift knob with a stainless steel core and acetal body. Not only is the throw shortened, but the weighted knob makes shifting that much easier.

Short shifter without shortcuts

From your hand, to the shift linkage inside the transmission, every piece of this shifter is precision machined from the highest quality materials. Everything you need is included: a little extra white lithium grease, a bit of thread locker, and even a tube of silicon gasket material to seal the shifter housing spacer.

The Specs

Stainless. Lots of it. The main shifter assembly, the shift knob core, and the hardware are all stainless steel. The upper pivot cup, reverse lockout plate, shift housing spacer, and shift knob cap are aluminum. The cap is engraved with a the Six speed shift pattern, although custom engravings are available on request. Fully assembled the shifter is only 1/8" shorter than the stock setup, while still achieving a 30% reduction in throw. The shifter maintains all reverse lockout functionality, simply push down to shift into reverse.


Installing the shifter can be done at home with basic tools. All of the work can be completed from inside the car, with all four wheels on the ground. Since the shifter runs directly into the transmission, there's no messing with shifter cables or wonky linkages. The install takes between 1 and 2 hours, and is very straightforward.

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1 Review

Jacob 25th May 2018

Amazing short shifter with some caveats

To begin let me just say, what an amazing feeling short shifter. The throw, more notchy after installation and requiring slightly more force to throw, is all that is needed for a shifter this short. My shifter makes a rattling metal noise that i am not entirely sure about, hopefully it'll disappear as i break it in. it might be the reverse lockout spring but i could be wrong. installation ended up being a 4 hour ordeal. the shift housing attached with the RTV sealant was easily the hardest to deal with. there was just simply not enough leverage to pry it but somehow we eventually got it off using both the circular ends of a wrench, and allen keys large enough to catch the lip on the housing. after that the installation was very straight forward! couldnt be more happy, but the metal rattling noise is slightly bothering so that's something i am going to have to fix.

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